Marc's Custom Fences
Marc's Custom Fences

These fences are generally constructed from four feet to six feet in height.
This type of fence may be a consideration for installing around your entire yard, or to simply enclose a smaller section or your property. Hilly or sloping can sometimes be a challenge both for the installation as wells as the effectiveness of this type of fencing. This should be taken into consideration when planning your fencing project. Marsís Custom fences can provide expert help in this area.

By incorporating unique style along with the numerous decorative touches available, your fencing system will enhance the look of your property and home as it actually becomes an integral part of your landscape. Marcís Custom Fences will build a fence that perfectly complements the architectural style of your home.

Let Marcís Custom Fences turn your property into a secluded oasis, with your own premium Privacy Fence.

Privacy Fence is a great way to transform your yard, patio or pool area into your very own secluded hideaway. These fences are built with little or no gap between boards. This helps to reduce or completely restrict unwanted visibility into and out of your property. These fences are commonly used to designate individual property lines and often seen around patios and swimming pool area. These fences also serve well to conceal unsightly areas from view.

Privacy Fence can provide excellent wind protection, and can considerably cut down on unwanted noise from traffic. When total privacy is not required, lattice top panels can help you develop interesting fence patterns that may still allow some view.