Marc's Custom Fences
Marc's Custom Fences

Ornamental fence is a beautiful way to enhance your outdoor living. Fencing offers the combination of a maintenance free, durable fence along with safety and curb appeal.
Ornamental fence provided by Marcís Custom Fence has the color and style options that will appeal to your taste, as well as your budget. This type of fence also has the capability of hugging the terrain for a smooth, gap free appearance.
Marcís Custom Fence has a wide selection of ornamental walk gates and drive gates. If your application requires a special entry, Marcís Custom Fence can fabricate arched gates, decorative estate gates and even sliding cantilever gates to complement your fence.
Beauty and functionality are designed into every new ornamental gate, fence or railing. Sensitive retrofits bring historic materials up to present safety standards. A wide range of styles are available in cast, wrought and water jet cut metals.
Marcís Custom Fence has a wide variety of products, styles and colors, as well as numerous decorative options. From decorative rings to scrolls, our ornamental fence options are too numerous to list.
Any style of fence will inventively enhance the value as well as the appearance of your property. Marcís Custom Fence fencing and gates can also be incorporated with brick columns and gate control systems .This can provide you a controlled entrance with security, as well as a pleasing aesthetic look. Contact Marcís Custom Fence for information on all the options available to you in fencing. We provide and install ornamental fencing for numerous projects throughout Tacoma and the Pacific Northwest, including pools, cemeteries, apartment complexes, and residential properties.  Choose us for your next Ornamental Fence.