Marc's Custom Fences
Marc's Custom Fences

Proper wood selection for our custom wood gates is of utmost importance to us. Each board is carefully chosen and meticulously inspected for structural quality, and to ensure uniformity and consistency throughout. Through this process, each gate takes on its own unique character and is truly one of a kind. Our wood of choice is clear Red Western Cedar. When required for structural stability and to prevent sagging, we use a steel support frame system, which is powder coated for maximum corrosion resistance and easy long term care.

All of the wooden frames of our gates are constructed using mortise and tenon joinery, the strongest wood to wood connection. Slat panels are made of tongue and groove construction. This allows the fence system to remain flexible or "float" within the framework. Both of these features allow for the natural, seasonal expansion and contraction of the wood for your Fence Gates.
Fence Gates are a wonderful way to create a unique welcome for visitors entering your property.  Their natural beauty will enhance your property, and inevitably increase its value. Home ownership is still the American Dream. Everyone takes pride in the quality and personal style of their home.

Fence Gates designs can be easily altered to accommodate your discerning taste, and all at very affordable prices. We offer standard sizes and we are equipped to create a custom gate to your exact needs; our experienced and passionate craftsmen can create a custom gate or driveway entrance gate from the ground up. Computer drawings are provided to ensure your confidence for a lifetime of purposeful use and enjoyment.