Marc's Custom Fences
Marc's Custom Fences

Tacoma Fence is made using Western Red Cedar for its durability as it resists moisture,  insect damage, and decay.  Western Red Cedar is a great choice for fencing and it contains natural preservatives that are toxic to decay-causing fungi. 

Whether you are building a privacy fence or enhancing the decorative look of your property, Marcs custom fences starts with a jumbo treated post that is 4 1/8 x 4 1/8 thick and is treated and made for ground contact.  Each post is set in 20-24 inches of cement to increase its durability.   Each post is topped by a cedar post-cap that is secured with hot-dipped galvanized nails.  Our Tacoma Fence has three cedar rails and our rails have a height of 4 inches and a width of 1 7/8 inches.  Each rail is attached to the post using hot-dipped 3 inch length galvanized nails. 

Our boards are horizontal six inches in width and fastened with aluminum screw nails that are rust-proof to prevent damage to the fence boards.  Our fence is made with top of the line #1-grade Western Red Cedar that has small tight knots and is a true 6-inch width thus allowing for optimal quality in each fence board.  We utilizes 1 x 4 inch facia trim boards to provide a full-panel look.   At $19.99 per foot and includes materials and labor, you want to own a Marcs Custom Fences - Tacoma Fence.
All Products carry
a 3-year Warranty
Tacoma Fence is one of the many fences that makes Marcs Custom Fences stand out from other companies. It offers unique, natural performance characteristics and exceptional beauty that brings warmth, character, and longevity to enhance the beauty of your property.

Marcs Custom Fences welcomes you!  You have found a high-quality fencing company. Having over 20 years of happy customers, you'll enjoy the experience of custom fence creation installed at your home or office for many years of use.
Here you'll find fences starting at just $19.99 per foot using high-quality wood products You've found the best Marc's Custom Fence! Our fences come with a 3-year warranty on workmanship as well as a free estimates on any fence project.

"The finest compliment I can ever receive is a referral from my friends and past customers."

                                                    -Marc Childs, CEO

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